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The biggest advantage of Global Counseling Center is that our facility treats a person on both scientific and holistic levels in a nurturing dialectical environment.

Global Counseling Center have served communities by offering professional counseling for adults, couples, children, adolescents, and their families. Global Counseling Center is an integrative facility focused on mental health and well-being. Our staff consists of well trained and fully licensed counselors and social workers offering individual, couples, marriage, and family counseling services to people of all ages in the Atlanta community. Global Counseling Center staff utilizes well-researched, state of the art treatment approaches, and has additional training to deliver the best care possible.

Global Counseling Center staff offers flexible schedule during a daytime, evenings and weekends. Our specialists utilize efficient, solution-oriented treatment and holistic approaches including mindfulness meditation, hypnosis and other alternative treatment options. They will help you to gain insight into your problem and discover alternate ways to achieve your personal goals.

Irina Bell Saltzman is a founder and CEO of Global Counseling Center. Irina's personal search for balance and harmony began 16 years ago when she was in the middle of chaotic economic and political changes in her native country, one of the republics of the former Soviet Union. The whole country was falling into financial and political chaos. Irina Bell Saltzman Image The most important task for Irina was to survive those turbulent years. Irina realized that the only thing she could do is to find a balance and some sensible purpose of life in this chaotic and cruel reality of the political and economical transition.

Interestingly that Irina's desperation for making any sense of her existence fired up her interest in Eastern Philosophy, which helped her find an enormous insight about life in general. Irina's life became more balanced and complete after reading and reflecting on Eastern philosophical canons. Irina became more perceptive and learned how to think holistically and dialectically by seeking the synthesis, the “middle way”. Irina also started practicing Mindfulness and Kundalini meditation almost daily.

Irina's interest to holistic approaches was fueled and nurtured by her personal spiritual experiences. Therefore, Irina bevies that including meditative practices and hypnotherapy in treatment enriches mind -body- soul connection and enhances healing process.

Moreover, Irina's multicultural skills and bilingual abilities are great assets serve the needs of a diverse population in Atlanta. Also Irina's previous five years of experience in franchise consulting and 3 years of experience as an HR director are very helpful in enrichment of a career counseling process.

For the past seven years, Irina have worked in several facets of counseling including assessments, individual, group, family therapy, and crisis interventions. Most of Irina's clientele were adults with severe mental illness, young adults, adolescents, children and their families.

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About Us

The biggest advantage of Global Counseling Center is that our facility treats a person on both scientific and holistic levels in a nurturing dialectical environment.

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