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What Benefits Can Be Expected from therapy or counseling?

The success of psychotherapy or counseling depends on how much you feel you can share with the therapist. Sometimes, it may take a while for you to have sufficient confidence in the therapist to share painful experiences that have experienced. Often people find that talking to someone else helps them to see their concerns in a more manageable way, and, although life is always uncertain, counseling can offer you to have more confidence in the situations that worry you.

Psychotherapy or counseling is a mutual, collaborative process where You and your therapist are working together in developing goals that will bring you to emotionally healthier and more fulfilled you. Your therapist cannot change you, but can only act as a facilitator of a positive change. Only you can change yourself. You are responsible for making the effort to work on the problems or issues that concern you. Your therapist is committed to help you in the process of self-discovery and personal growth.

Psychotherapy or Counseling is an opportunity for you to talk to your therapist to help you understand yourself and your situation. This may involve reflecting on your life experiences and your responses to new ones. The therapist will also help you recognize what kind of changes in your life style could reduce any distress that you might feel at this point. The therapist will support you while you are making these life changes.

Depending on what you are willing or able to share, you therapist will with while you are exploring how you can grow towards more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Although our approaches to psychotherapy and counseling are primarily non-directive and non-advisory, in some situations you may want more positive guidance from specific information and advice. Our therapists will suggest you how this could be accomplished.

Usually it will take a number of therapeutic sessions before therapy starts to make a difference. However, on rare occasions depending on your resilience level, few sessions may be enough.

How do we know if the psychotherapy or counseling is working?

It’s hard to tell because we are all different and unique with our own life experiences and levels of resilience. However, here are some examples of the positive changes that our clients have noticed after several therapeutic sessions at Global Counseling Center.

  • feeling less alone, anxious, depressed, sad, overwhelmed, frightened, angry, suicidal etc
  • dealing better with their problems at home, work or school
  • knowing or discovering their strengths
  • feeling like they understand and like themselves better
  • noticing how hard they were on themselves and where that came from
  • knowing that their feelings were normal grief emotions and that they are not alone
  • understanding that they can seek counseling again in the future if they ever need it
  • realizing that there is light at the end of the tunnel

Many also felt positive physical and practical changes such as:

  • sleeping better
  • learning ways of calming themselves down
  • not arguing with people so much
  • allowing self to cry
  • Going out more with friends
  • Not harming self anymore
  • eating better
  • strengthening their relationships
  • getting a job
  • enjoying a job

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