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Career Guidance Image 1 As we experience times of growth and change, fear and loss, and work through our emotions, it’s normal to experience moments of darkness and doubt. Sometimes these times of darkness are so painful and confusing, we may have difficulty sorting through them on our own. This process can be even more difficult when facing major life changes such as the illness or death of a loved one, divorce, abuse, or the changing of careers...

When you find yourself confused or suffering, counseling can be a very healthy way to share your experiences with a compassionate professional who can help you understand what’s happening in your life and walk a healing and hope filled path back into the light.

It’s been said that there is a time for everything. But now is always the time for Hope!

We can’t control everything that happens in our lives, but we can always choose our own response.

How healthy we are and how healthy we become often depends on how we learn to grow through these trials; and sometimes we all need help!

We all have to face our limits and overcome the trials before us, but each of us also has our own inner Joy to find: the Light that brings us out of the darkness and guides us ever closer to healing in the light of spiritual guide, a teacher or God’s love.

Often religiosity and spirituality go hand in hand, but not always. One can be spiritual and believe in a “higher power” outside oneself, but might not necessarily espouse to a belief in a traditional concept of God.

Spirituality, according to Webster’s dictionary, among other things, is defined as “things of a spiritual, ecclesiastical, or religious nature.” It can be related to attending church, but more so, it is a facet of human nature when someone looks beyond their five tangible senses to issues involving more philosophical, sometimes esoteric natures...i.e., why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Is there a God, or some force outside of myself guiding and directing me? How do I relate to others….what is the meaning of life in this world? What happens when we die? Do I have a soul, and how does that fit into the mind/body paradigm?

Global Counseling Center has highly trained staff members that incorporate clients' spirituality into therapy as an essential part of healing process.

We have come to view therapy as a powerful process of self discovery and healing where numerous lessons can be learned, strengths developed, and deepest truths honored. Having witnessed again and again the innate pull toward change and growth that exists within each of us, I am an optimist who offers my clients deep respect, genuine warmth and caring and a pleasant, safe and nurturing environment that promotes creativity, self expression, and personal growth.

Our approaches are strength based and we work collaboratively with clients, synthesizing various treatment techniques in order to best meet each person's unique and specific goals and needs. We are committed to meeting our clients warmly where they are and offering active, and empathic support and guidance.

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The biggest advantage of Global Counseling Center is that our facility treats a person on both scientific and holistic levels in a nurturing dialectical environment.

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