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Making the decision to participate in therapy is often a difficult one for many. Therefore, we honor you for taking this first step to your healing and overall well-being. So often our lives are clouded by external stressors, both past and present, which may prevent us from living full and enriching lives. However, life is really just a result of our choices and our belief systems. We believe that within everyone is the power to create their lives to their own desires. Everyone has the ability to live a peaceful and authentic life, by making positive and conscious choices that is in alignment with his or her personal value system. When we change how we think about our life, our life naturally changes.

Therapy holds great potential for self-discovery and personal growth. At times it will feel wonderful and full of answers and new awakenings. At other times it may feel uncomfortable and difficult. Therapy is not a linear process, it has lots of ups and downs. Recognition of the inherent nature of therapy is useful in helping you ride through the highs and lows while moving toward your goals.

Our work together will be respectful and collaborative. One of our jobs as your therapist is to create an environment in which you feel safe and supported. This gives you the ability to explore new ways to approach your challenges and to shift your perspective so you can look at them a bit differently than you have before. You can trust that anything that comes up in therapy is fair game. Thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, spiritual insights are all part of your experience, and all can lead to rich discussion and new understandings.

We are passionate about assisting you in your journey of self-discovery and to live life more authentically. We will take an active role in your therapy to help guide you through the process of self-discovery by being empathic, supportive, and genuine. We are truly honored to be a part of your journey, to witness your unfolding, and to celebrate with you as you


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The biggest advantage of Global Counseling Center is that our facility treats a person on both scientific and holistic levels in a nurturing dialectical environment.

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