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self Esteem Issues Low self-esteem often has its beginning in early childhood. How you feel about yourself is very much influenced by what others say about you. And in the unreasoning child's mind these remarks take root and you continue to act out this evaluation of yourself through life, unless you do something to change it. It is amazing to me how many very successful people in business and on the stage have serious self-esteem issues.

What they have done is worked hard to overcome this handicap they were more or less born into. So despite their howling success in business or in the professional or entertainment field, they still have a poor self image that just won't go away. Of course many do overcome it, at least it doesn't show.

When you are first born you are virtually all subconscious mind and highly programmable. You have no defense against negative statements made about you, and they tend to stick tenaciously. This is the root of the problem.

People who suffer from low self esteem can work with a therapist to develop confidence, assertiveness and in general gain a stronger sense of self. The therapist can help to develop a better sense of worth and confidence by exploring areas where the person my excel and receive positive feedback. Suggesting activities that boosts a person’s confidence is one way to address and correct self esteem issues. Helping a person set and achieve attainable goals is another way to boost a stronger sense of confidence and competency. Self-esteem issues can be worked through in several different ways, most notably through talk therapy that gets to the heart of the issue. However, an evaluation conducted by a licensed professional must be done in order to see which type of therapy or treatment will work best for you.

Most current research shows great results with hypnotherapy. In hypnotherapy early events of consequence are called "the initial sensitizing event." Most hypnotherapist try to find those events in order to effect a cure of the client's complaint. They try to get to them with hypnosis or a similar method and bring a different understanding to the client. Simply unearthing them and bringing them to light for reevaluations is often all that is required to effect a substantial change in the person's function and outlook.

Self-esteem issues can go both ways – some people have a very low sense of self-worth, whereas others have an overly inflated sense of self-worth, also known as Narcissism. In either case, those who have these issues have a hard time relating to others, and may struggle in school, workplace, or in general life because of self-esteem issues. Specifically people with a very low or inflated sense of self-worth may struggle with the following symptoms:

  • Feelings of worthlessness

  • Inflated or deflated sense of self

  • Believing one is better than everyone else

  • Self-directed anger or hatred

  • Feelings of shame or embarrassment

  • Social anxiety

If you feel that you need to work on your self-esteem issues give us a call and schedule an appointment. Our trained professional will help you discover the roots of the issue and how to overcome those more effectively. Help is only a call away!

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